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on using the Bikesharing System.


I.                    Introduction


These Regulations set out the terms and conditions of use for the Bikesharing System, operated in the area of the City of Bielsko-Biała.


The Regulations are available free of charge at: website.


II.                  Definitions


2.1. Regulations or System Regulations – these regulations describing the terms and conditions of use of the Bikesharing System, the scope of rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Operator and the Client, as well as information regarding the processing of personal data. Acceptance of the Regulations and fulfilment of all conditions specified in it is a requirement necessary to join and use the System. The Customer concludes a contract with the Operator upon registration, accepting the System Regulations.

2.2. Agreement – agreement between the Customer and the System Operator, regulating their mutual rights and obligations provided for herein. The Agreement, shall be concluded automatically upon the Customer’s registration in the System, provided that the Customer accepted the System Regulations, and paid the initial one-off, non-refundable fee, which entire amount is intended to cover the first bicycle rentals by the Customer.

2.3. System Operator – organizational unit providing services related to the management of the Bikesharing System. Homeport Polska Ltd. with the registered office at ul. Rondo ONZ 1, 00-124 Warsaw is the System Operator.

2.4. System – 24-hour-a-day technical and IT infrastructure, software, devices and bikes for the provision of maintenance-free, short-term bicycles rental, hereinafter also referred to as the Service or the Hire.

2.5. Homeport – IT and technical infrastructure supplier. Homeport is providing IT software platform, in which it is required to register, in order to use the System.

2.6 Customer – a user that registered with the System, accepted its Regulations, paid the non-refundable initial fee amounting 10,00 zł gross (ten złotych and 0/100). Hereinafter also referred to as the User.

2.7. System Service – the system’s technical service dealing with maintenance, allocation and repairs of the System.

2.8. Customer Service – a Call Center office, offering Customers the possibility of contacting the System Operator by telephone at: +48 33 444 8888, electronic mail:, open 6:00 – 22:00 on weekdays and 9:00 – 21:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

2.9. Area of use – administrative area of the City of Bielsko-Biała, within which the System use is allowed.

2.10. Station – a designated place containing devices allowing for bicycle rentals and returns, Customer registration and Customer account management, equipped with bike stands to which the bikes are returned (parked) and a Terminal.

2.11. Terminal – a device used for renting and returning bicycles, Customer registration and Customer account management, located at a Station.

2.12. Stand – a site for parking bicycles, in the form of a stand with a dedicated mechanism containing an electric lock.

2.13. Customer’s ID – Login and PIN number, assigned to the Customer in the registration process.

2.14. Fee Schedule – price list for services and fees relating to the Bikesharing System, constituting Appendix no. 2 hereto, available at:, in the mobile application and System Stations.

2.15. Customer Account – personal account of the Customer in the System, on which crediting and debiting operations related to using the System in accordance with the Fee Schedule are executed.

2.16. Internet Payment Systems – online payment gateways, operated by external service providers.

2.17. Initial fee - one-off, non-refundable minimal fee amounting 10 zł, which the Customer shall pay to its Customer Account, being a condition for beginning the System use and which entire amount is intended to cover the first bicycle rentals by the Customer.

2.18. Top-up – a payment issued by the Customer in a form of prepayment onto Customer Account, to be used entirely for the purposes related to bike rental activity, in accordance with Fee Schedule.

2.19. Hiring a bike – beginning of use of the bicycle. The act of hiring a bike is described in the section VII. of the Regulations: “Hiring a bike”.

2.20. Returning a bike – finishing a hire in any of the System Stations. The act of returning a bike is described in the section IX. of the Regulations: “Returning a bike”.

2.21. Security lock – a bicycle cable security combination-lock. To be used for securing a bicycle while stopover or returning a bicycle in case of a station being full.

2.22. Mobile application – the System software that runs on mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, palmtops or tablets. The System Mobile Application provider is Homeport.

2.23. Special campaigns – promotional and information campaigns conducted for the Customers of the System, during the period of time in which the System is operational, aiming to promote it in the area of the emergence of new functionalities or its extension.

2.24. System Organiser – The Municipality of Bielsko-Biała.

2.25. Map of System stations – the area of the city of Bielsko-Biała, on which the System stations are located. Presented: on the Stations, on the website, and in the mobile application, within which the System operates.


 III.                Access to the Service



3.1. Full access to the Service requires compliance of the Customer’s computer system with the following combined technical conditions:

a)      holding an active e-mail account (e-mail address); allowing to contact the Operator / Customer Service,

b)      having access to a device that enables web browsing and is equipped with a pre-installed operating system and one of the following internet browsers: Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari;

c)       having an active Internet connection;

d)      having Java Script enabled in the Customer used web browser (enabled by default in web browser);

3.2. The System Operator informs that it is also possible to use other operating systems and web browsers on the host device mentioned above, however in such a situation, due to technological reasons, cannot ensure proper operation.

3.3. The Operator shall also make available the latest release of the Mobile App for devices with iOS and Android operating systems. In order for Application to work correctly, it is always necessary to install the latest available version.


IV.                General conditions of using the System


4.1. The condition for using the BBbike System by the Customer is to complete the registration procedure via the website or Station Terminal. The procedure consists in providing by the Customer with required, correct and true personal data (name, surname) and contact details (e-mail address and telephone number), acceptance of these Regulations and Initial Fee payment

4.2. Providing and sharing personal data by the Customer in the registration form is voluntary, however necessary to use the System. More information on the protection of personal data is in point VI.

4.3. The Operator shall allow the Customer to use a bike on the terms specified herein. The Customer undertakes to comply with the conditions hereof, including in particular to pay fees for hiring bicycles onto Operator’s bank account using System personal Customer account and use the bicycles in accordance with their intended use

4.4 A condition for using the System is to keep Customer Account at minimum 4,00 zł, this amount allows for rental of a single bicycle. The Customer shall always secure enough credit on his account to cover cost of the planned trips.

4.5. The Customer shall be fully responsible for a bike from the moment it is hired – unlocked from a Stand, until it is returned - locked into Stand or attached to a Station using Security lock and the return procedure carried complete, subject to point 4.6 of this chapter hereof. The Customer shall in particular be liable for any damage caused through a fault of the Customer from the moment a given bike is hired until the bike is returned.

4.6. Minors, i.e. persons under 18, as well as other persons with limited legal capacity shall provide the Operator prior to the conclusion of the agreement with the written consent of their parents or other statutory representatives for the conclusion of the agreement as well as the declaration of their parents or representatives of the acceptance of the System Regulations and assumption of liability for any damage consequent to, in particular, the non-performance or improper performance of the agreement. The declaration form is available at (Attachment 1). The above-mentioned representation shall be sent to the Operator by registered letter or delivered to the current address of the Operator: Homeport Polska Sp. z o.o., ul. Rondo ONZ 1, 00-124 Warsaw. The use of a hired bike by minors shall be conditional on holding a valid bicycle driving license or “a driving license in a relevant category”.

4.7. In the case of theft of a hired bike during the period of use, the Customer shall be obliged to immediately notify thereof both the System Customer Service and the nearest Police Unit. The Customer shall be held responsible, including financially, for each case of theft of the hired bike if the Customer failed to protect the bike appropriately against theft during the period of use, e.g. by failing to secure the bike with the Security lock.

4.8. The hired bike may be used within the City of Bielsko-Biała area, determined by the System Operator and presented at: and in the mobile application.


V.                  Liability / Obligation


5.1. The Customer shall use a bike in line with the conditions hereof and conditions of the Traffic Code.

5.2. The Customer undertakes to return the bike free of any defects and its condition shall not be worse than at the moment of hire.

5.3. The Customer undertakes to ensure that the bike is properly and effectively secured against theft and all damage during the period of use, including protecting a bike with the Security lock.

5.4. Should the Customer make a bike available to a third party in contravention of the provisions hereof, it shall not release the Customer from the liability for its damage or theft until the bike has been returned.

5.5. The Customer shall be fully liable for the results of a violation by the Customer of the applicable provisions of law and the present Regulations when using the System. The Operator shall not be liable for such results.

5.6. The System shall not be used by persons under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or substitute substances, as defined in the provisions on preventing drug addiction, as well as drugs and substances the use of which is a contraindication to driving vehicles.

5.7. The bikes of the System shall be used only by the Customer and solely for non-trade purposes.

5.8. Should a Customer damage the infrastructure of the System (Bikes, Stations), as a result of: improper use, breaching these Regulations or violating existing Laws, the Customer shall be obliged to cover any and all costs related to repairing the damaged infrastructure and restoring it to its original condition.

The Operator will issue a bill or VAT invoice, charging the Customer for repairing the damaged System infrastructure.

5.9. Should the System be damaged intentionally, the Operator shall notify law enforcement authorities of the suspected offence, and the perpetrator shall be liable for the damage and shall cover any and all costs resulting from the damage.

5.10. The Customer of the System shall be fully liable for any and all damages consequent to the non-performance or improper performance of the agreement, only in cases where the fault rests therewith.

5.11. It is not allowed to transfer bicycles by any private means of transport.

5.12. In cases of a bicycle being lost/damaged/demolished by the Customer as stipulated in 4.7 or 5.8 of the Regulations, the complete cost of restoring such a bicycle, indicated in the Fee Schedule, is covered by the Customer.

5.13. The Customer shall be obliged to immediately cover any and all costs, penalties, fines and administrative fees imposed on the Customer in relation to the use of a bike in contravention of the applicable provisions of law and the present Regulations.

5.14. Exceeding the 12 hour period of bicycle rent shall cause additional costs set forth in the Fee Schedule.

5.15. Should an accident or a collision happened during bicycle rental, the Customer is obliged to write the accident report or call a nearest Police unit to come to the scene. The customer should promptly inform the Customer Service about the accident occurrence.


 VI.                Registration and rules for the processing of personal data


6.1. The Customer Registration shall be performed: at the website, via mobile application or at Station Terminal and constitutes a prerequisite for using the System.

6.2. To get registered to the System it is necessary to provide the following data:

  • Name,
  • Surename,
  • e-mail address,
  • telephone number.

6.3. Providing and sharing personal data by the Customer in the registration form is voluntary, but necessary to use the System.

6.4. During registration, the Customer must accept the Bikesharing System Regulations - in order to conclude an agreement with the System Operator. Providing data and accepting the regulations is necessary in order to set up an account and use the System.

6.5. The administrator of personal data is the System Operator: Homeport Polska sp. z o.o. with registered office in Warsaw, ul. Rondo ONZ 1, 00-124 Warsaw, NIP: 5252724792, REGON: 368437163, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the city of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS : 0000696793, share capital: PLN 5.000.00 złotych.

6.6. In case of any questions regarding the protection of personal data, please contact us as follows:

  • e-mail contact:;
  • by traditional letter to the address of the seat of Homeport Polska Sp. o.o., ul. Rondo ONZ 1, 00-124 Warsaw.

6.7. Personal data provided by the Customer are processed by the Operator only for the purposes of the System's operation, to perform the Agreement, to resolve complaints and to determine, assert or defend any claims.

6.8. The basis for processing personal data by the Operator is the indispensability to conclude and perform the contract between the Operator and the Customer, the conclusion of which takes place through the acceptance of the System Regulations by the Customer, the obligation to fulfil legal obligations, and the legitimate interest pursued by the Operator (in particular determination, investigation or defense of claims).

6.9. The recipients of Customers' personal data will be:

  • Organizer of the System: Municipality of Bielsko-Biała - NIP: 9372686990, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, Plac Ratuszowy 1;
  • Homeport s.r.o. Křižíkova 237/36A, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín, Czechy, as a provider of information and communications technology infrastructure;
  • entities acting on behalf of the Operator or on its behalf, which provide and support the Operator's IT systems (general ICT infrastructure, e-mail, etc.);
  • independent administrators - service providers supporting online payments and by means of payment cards;
  • public entities authorized under the applicable law to receive personal data (e.g. Police).


Personal data will be made available only when there is a legal basis for it. In the case of entities providing services to the System Operator (acting on its behalf and on its behalf), the Operator will conclude an agreement to entrust data processing, and the data will be entrusted only to entities that guarantee an appropriate level of security of entrusted personal data.

The System Operator ensures that all its employees and associates processing the personal data of the Clients are authorized to do so, and are obliged to keep all information confidential and confidential.


6.10. In connection with the processing of personal data, the Customer has the right to:

  • request the System Operator to provide a detailed information on the use of his personal data,
  • request to gain access to personal data and get a copy of the data that has been provided to the System Operator; receive, in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format personal data that has been provided to the System Operator and, if it is technically possible, to request the transfer of such data to another administrator without obstacles, if their processing is based on consent or contract and in an automated manner,
  • demand rectification of any inaccuracies in the data the system Operator has,
  • demand the deletion of any data for which the System Operator no longer has a legal basis,
  • object to a given processing based on a legitimate interest due to reasons related to the Client's special situation, unless Operator’s processing bases are superior to the Client's interests, rights and freedoms,
  • demand a restriction of data processing, e.g. for the time the complaint is processed,
  • file a complaint to the President of the Office for the Protection of Personal Data.

The rights indicated above can be used through: (1) email contact at the address:; (2) written contact, via traditional mail to the address of the System Operator.

6.11. The provided personal data and data collected on the basis of the Customer's activity (e.g. routes) are not subject to any profiling activities and basis for automated decision making.

6.12. Each Customer who has completed the registration procedure, after logging into the System, has access to all their data, has the possibility to update them in the System and access to transactions and rentals - for the duration of the Agreement.

6.13. Personal data will be processed by the Operator as long as the Client has an account in the System, it will be necessary to provide services or for the period of providing bike rental services to the Organizer of the System. The Operator will also store the Customer's personal data if necessary in order to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes or enforce the provisions of the concluded agreements (in particular for the Organizer of the System and Customers). In the absence of the necessity of processing your personal information for the purposes specified in the Regulations, we remove the Customer's personal data.

6.14. The System Operator reserves the right to contact Customer in all matters related to performing the Agreement.


VII.              Forms of payment


7.1. The Customer shall pay a relevant fee by making a payment to the dedicated prepaid account. Payment to the prepaid account shall be made with the use of the internet payment service portal available at and station terminal, after logging into the Customer system account.


7.2. A properly credited payment shall be the moment the user system prepaid account is charged up.


7.3. During the term of the agreement with the Operator and after its expiration, fees paid onto the Customer Account of the Customer shall not be refunded, except conditions described in 14.3. of this document.


 VIII.            Hiring a bike


8.1. A condition for renting a bicycle shall be a valid System account, defining the active status of the Customer, and having prepaid account balance which shall be positive and not below PLN 4.00.


8.2. A bicycle may be rented at any of the system stations after prior logging into the system with the Customer’s ID, assigned to the Customer in the registration process and following the instructions displayed on the Station Terminal or mobile application.


8.3. Before hiring a chosen bike, the Customer shall be obliged to check if the bike is fit for the agreed use.

In particular the Customer shall check if: the tires of the bike are inflated; chain, handlebar and wheel nuts not loose, brakes are operational and that Security Lock is attached to the frame. In case a bicycle is not in proper technical state the Customer shall immediately contact System Customer Service.


8.4. If a fault is discovered, the Customer shall immediately report this fact to the system Customer Service, providing the bicycle ID number and return the bike at the nearest Station.


8.5. Bikes are equipped with a basket at their front, which shall only be loaded with small objects weighing not more than 12 kg. Loading a basket with children is strictly prohibited. Baskets shall not be loaded with heavy objects to avoid causing damage to property, for which the Operator would not bear responsibility. Baskets shall also not be loaded with objects with sharp edges and objects that significantly overhang the basket. In the case of any accident resulting from the improper use of a basket, the Operator shall not be liable for any and all resulting damages to the goods or objects transported in the basket. The Operator shall in no way be liable for any objects or goods left in a given bike.


8.6. The bicycles shall be used by one person and their maximum load shall not exceed 120 kg.


8.7. Rented bikes shall be used in accordance with their intended use. A bicycle, being a mean of municipal transport, shall be used to commute  between System Stations. It shall be prohibited to use the bikes for competitive cycling, cross-country cycling outside paved areas, for stunts, racing or pushing or towing any objects or person.


8.8. In case of any problems with renting a bicycle from the System Station, the Customer shall immediately call the Customer Service. The Customer Service employee shall inform the Customer of the further action procedure.


8.9. It shall be prohibited to use security devices that are not part of the System to block a bike. The  Operator reserves the right to remove a prohibited security device used by the Customer. Any and all costs of removing such a device shall be covered by the Customer.


8.10. It is prohibited to park and in particular to lock any non-system bicycles to the Station, using any type of external locks.


IX.                Period of use


9.1. The Customer shall be obliged to return a bike within 12 hours following its rental.


9.2. Exceeding the maximum time of rent shall result in charging fees and penalties in accordance with the Fee Schedule, commencement of Security measures and blacklisting the Customer.


9.3. The requirement indicated in point 9.1. shall not apply to Customers using special campaigns.


X. Return procedure


10.1. The Customer shall return the bicycle to a Stand at any Station, by locking its spike into a chosen electronic lock. The Customer should pull the bicycle towards oneself in order to ensure that it is properly secured.


10.2. Should there be no free Stands at the Station (Station full, no available electronic locks), the Customer shall return the bicycle by fastening to the Station using Security Lock. In such case the return procedure would be complete after contacting the Customer Service or using mobile application.


10.3. In case the return procedure would not be complete as a result of Customer’s default, the Customer shall be liable for all the possible damage caused by the Customer to the Operator.



XI. Repairs and failures


11.1. Any faults or failures should be reported to the Operator by calling Customer Service at: +48 33 444 8888.

In case of any failure that prevents safe cycling, the Customer shall stop and inform the Operator thereof by phone as well as bring the bike to the nearest Station.


11.2. The Customer undertakes to act in a way that limits the possibility of damage or any liability as a result of the improper use of a bike. The Customer shall be obliged to ensure that the Customer can contact the Customer Service at all times during the period of use.


11.3. Customers shall not make any repairs or alterations of a hired bike or replace its parts. The only entity authorized to take such actions shall be the Operator.





XII. Fees


12.1. The amount of rental fees is determined in accordance with the Table of Fees available at:, mobile application, and Stations. The fee shall be calculated based on the number of minutes of rent, starting from the from the moment a lock is released in the renting process, until ending the rent - proper return of the bicycle to the Station.


12.2. Costs of bicycle hire depends on the duration of rental.


12.3. Should the fee charged for bicycle rental or another fees resulting from the Fee Schedule be higher than the means accumulated on the Customer’s pre-paid account, in order to continue use of the System, the Customer shall bring the balance of the pre-paid account to at least PLN 0.00 within 21 days from the date of occurrence.


XIII. Complaints


13.1. The complaint is the Customer's request, via e-mail to the address:, to refund of the fee for non-performance or improper performance of the Service.


13.2. Any complaints shall be filed by the Customer within 7 days from an event that constitutes grounds for the complaint. Any and all complaints related to services provided based on the present Regulations shall be sent to the e-mail address of the Operator: Another forms of filing complaints are not accepted.


13.3. The correct complaint must be sent from the email address registered in the system. In addition to the event described in detail, the complaint must contain the data of the customer registered in the system, allowing for unambiguous identification of the client. These data are:

  • first name and last name,
  • Login,
  • Email address.

In the case of incomplete data, the Operator reserves the right to leave the complaint without recognition.

In the case of lodging a complaint, personal data are processed until the complaint procedure and any pending proceedings, the client's claim and evidence are exhausted. In the event of a notification within this period (eg claims for redress, compensation for damages), the data is processed in time necessary to determine the potential liability of the Operator or the Customer and the execution of the decision made in the case.


13.4. The Operator shall handle a filed complaint within 21 days from the lodging or complement of the complaint. Should a complaint be complemented, the period for its investigation starts on the day of delivery of complementary documents, additional explanations or information. Next, a feedback shall be sent to the Customer’s e-mail address indicated during the registration.


13.5. Should a case be too complicated to be investigated within the above mentioned period, the time of investigation may be extended to 45 days, with the person who lodged the complaint being notified thereof in advance.



13.6. Should data or information provided in the complaint need to be supplemented, the Operator shall ask the complainant, before starting complaint processing, to supplement it to the extent necessary.


13.7. Lodging a complaint does not release the Customer from the obligation to timely implement his/her commitments towards the Operator and to make the payment due within 21 days from the date of the disputed event.


13.8. The Customer has the right to appeal against the Operator’s decision within 14 days from its receipt by the Customer.

Appeals are investigated within 21 days from their receipt on the e-mail address: The Customer has the right to apply to the Operator for re-investigation of the case being subject of the decision made as a result of the complaint.


13.9. The Customer shall have the right to seek damages on account of the non-performance or improper performance of the agreement for the provision of a service in court only after the complaint procedure has been exhausted.

The complaint procedure shall also be deemed exhausted when the Operator does not provide information on its decision regarding the filed complaint within 1 month from the date of the complaint. The liability of the Operator for the failure to provide the service or the improper provision of the service shall be limited to the actual damage and shall not include lost profits.


13.10. If a complaint is accepted, the funds to be reimbursed will be returned onto the Customer Account, to be used for further bicycle rentals.



XIV. Contract withdrawal


14.1. The Customer has the right to withdraw from the Contract with the Operator without giving a reason within 14 days from the date of the contract.

The Customer shall send a message with a statement of will in regards to its intention to the address:


14.2. The withdrawal shall be possible if the balance on the Customer Account is positive. Should the balance of the pre-paid account be negative, the Customer shall top up its account so that the balance is PLN 0.00, within 7 days from the withdrawal date.


14.3. Funds paid to the Customer Account shall be refunded in case the withdrawal notice was delivered to the Operator within 14 days from the date of contract conclusion. The aforementioned does not apply to the situation where, based on Customer’s consent, the contract was performed before the defined withdrawal period.


14.4. Funds deposited on the Customer’s Account during system operation may be earmarked exclusively for purposes related to use of the System and are not reimbursable nor refundable in case of withdrawal described in 14.3, as well as after contract with the System Organizer expiration.


XV. Termination


15.1 The Customer has the right to terminate the Contract with the Operator at any time. The termination notice shall be send in an electronic form, to the address: and shall contain data entered in the registration process, allowing to identify the Customer, i.e.:

  • First name and last name
  • Login
  • email address


15.2. In case the Customer submit the contract termination notice, while Customer’s Account balance is negative, the Customer shall top up its account, so that the balance is PLN 0.00, within 7 days from the withdrawal notice submission date, regardless of the provisions of this document p. 14.3.


15.3. The Customer shall use the pre-payments made by the time the agreement expires. The Operator shall not reimburse any payments made which were not used.


15.4. The Operator reserves right to terminate the Contract for important reasons, i.e. in case of the Customer breaching provisions of this Regulations, including:


  • default on payment for exceeding the 12 hour bicycle rent period,
  • default on payment for damages caused to the System,           
  • default on bringing Customer’s Account negative balance to PLN 0.00 state within 7 days, after prior request to desist or to stop the violations.



XVI. Final Provisions


16.1. Making use of the system requires:

  • Customer’s health to be in good condition, allowing for safe use of a bicycle,
  • having cycling skills as well as legally required authorizations,
  • knowledge of the law in the scope of the Polish Traffic Code - 20 June 1997 r. (Dz. U. z 2017r, p. 1260 and its subsequent amendments).


16.2. The Operator reserves the right to amend the provisions hereof. Information on amendments to these Regulations shall be sent to the e-mail address indicated during the process of registration with the System. The Customer has right to terminate the Contract and the termination notice shall be send to the Operator’s office address. Should the Operator not receive the termination notice in a defined time it shall mean that the Customer accepts such amendments hereto.


16.3. In case of a breach of the provisions of the present Regulations, in particular resulting in damages to the Operator, they reserve the right to block the Customer’s account until the case is clarified.


16.4. In matters not regulated herein, the applicable provisions of law shall apply, in particular The Civil Code and the regulation - Polish Traffic Code.


Appendix no. 1






line with the provisions of chapter III (3.7) of the Regulations of the Bielsko-Biała Bikesharing System, I the undersigned: ………………………….………………………………………..………, holder of the identity card/passport* number: …………………………, residing at ………………….., acting as the statutory representative of: ……………………………………………………… (first and last name of the minor), residing at ……………………………, hereby declare that:

1. I consent to the participation of the said minor in the System, hereinafter referred to as System, in line with the Regulations available at:,

2. I have read the abovementioned Regulations, accept them and consent to their provisions; including the rules for the processing of personal data;

3. I undertake to remedy any and all possible damage and satisfy any and all possible claims consequent to the use of the System by the said minor.

4. I represent that the minor holds a valid bicycle license or a driving license in a relevant category.




(place, date)



(name and surname)


*delete as applicable



Appendix no. 2


FEE SCHEDULE (gross amounts)



Initial fee: 10 zł


Duration of rental:

from 1 to 20 minutes: 0,00 zł1

from 21 to 60 minutes: 2,00 zł

second hour: 3,00 zł

third and each subsequent hour (up to 12hours): 4,00 zł

Payment for exceeding the 12 hour limit of rental: 200 zł

Payment for stealing, loss, damage of a bicycle: 3600 zł


1 Daily sum of rentals.

* Per second-basis billing.

* Costs for rentals in each period are summarized, i.e. an 80 minutes rental would cost: 2,00 zł + 3,00 zł = 5,00 zł.