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Price list

FEE SCHEDULE (gross amounts)


Initial fee: 10 zł

Duration of rental:

from 1 to 20 minutes: 0,00 zł1

from 21 to 60 minutes: 2,00 zł

second hour: 3,00 zł

third and each subsequent hour (up to 12hours): 4,00 zł

Payment for exceeding the 12 hour limit of rental: 200 zł

Payment for stealing, loss, damage of a bicycle: 3600 zł


1 Daily sum of rentals.

* Per second-basis billing.

* Costs for rentals in each period are summarized, i.e. an 80 minutes rental would cost: 2,00 zł + 3,00 zł = 5,00 zł.

Tariffs and prices

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20 min 1 bike 4 zł Sign Up
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