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How it works

How to use BBbike?

Sign up at or a Station Terminal, accept the rules and then pay 10 PLN onto the Customer Account. 
After registration you will receive a message with Login and PIN. You can change PIN on your account in the tab CHANGE PIN tab.
Charges for using BBbike are automatically deducted from the Customer Account, which might be top-up with the use of internet payment operator service (PayU).
The Customer Account is active (so you can rent bikes) if its balance is over 4 PLN.

How to rent the bike:

  1. Approach the terminal at a chosen station, turn it on and follow instructions on-screen.
  2. Next, enter the lock number, which holds the bike you want to rent (from 1 to 10/12/14) 
  3. On the screen, a code for the safety lock would appear (in case you want to lock the bike somewhere outside the station). The code must be remembered - If you forget it please call: 33 444 88 88.
  4. Go to the bike, press sensor on the elctrolock housing, that holds the bike, and go! You got 20 seconds to complete.

How to return the bike:

  1. Approach the chosen BBbike station and insert the item of the bicycle, which is beneath the carrier, into the hole in the lock. 
  2. Make sure that the bike is parked properly - try to pull it back. If you cannot do that, it means that everything is in order. You gave back the bike properly. 

Be ECO, use BBbike !

BBbike is a self-serviced bike rental system, which consists of 24 stations and 192 bikes. The stations are spaced every few hundred meters, which makes it easy to reach the selected area at any time. BBbike is a modern and environmentally friendly complementation to the city transport system. It operates 24 hours a day in the spring, summer and autumn. When renting a bike, 20 minutes of driving a day are for free.